"...the movement in which I am, as a migrant-state, if I listen to the two fundamental dimensions that seem to constitute me and that are constantly intertwined: my inner self - the one that vibrates deeply in my heart, according to the harmonics of my personal History - , and my outer self - the one that connects me to the sublime and ultimate note of quantum music, the one that God has graciously given me to know, that is to say, to be born-with, and from which no one is exempt - whatever the representation of the God-object made by the human language used in one's psyche... "

Inner journey at Josefa House in the heart of our intimate habitat. Trained in the Chinese technique Chi Nei Tzang, Annabelle leads the Alma care space at Josefa House. Annabelle proposes an approach to our migrations, among others, by listening to our body memories.

The wind and the rain slap against his cheeks, assaulting him as he approaches the church of Saint Catherine in Brussels. His only defence against the outside world is his rolled-up felt collar and an involuntary shrug. 

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