Inner journey at Josefa House in the heart of our intimate habitat. Trained in the Chinese technique Chi Nei Tzang, Annabelle leads the Alma care space at Josefa House. Annabelle proposes an approach to our migrations, among others, by listening to our body memories.

The wind and the rain slap against his cheeks, assaulting him as he approaches the church of Saint Catherine in Brussels. His only defence against the outside world is his rolled-up felt collar and an involuntary shrug. 

In the course of our questioning or meditation, depending on the moment in our lives, we are sometimes tempted to ask ourselves about the meaning of life as a migration or even about our ultimate migration which is common to all: the passage through death.

“Live for yourself but exist for the good of all”. For the good of the neighbourhood, the good of the city, the good of the region, the good of the country, the good of the continent, the good of the planet and of all living things, including fauna and flora, with which man is supposed to cooperate to establish a balance based on respect and understanding.

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