Vision and Mission of the JOSEFA Foundation

With its itinerary and the expertise of its team, breaking with the more classical patterns, the Josefa Foundation dares to engage itself, to question and to propose a renewed path towards the challenges of migration, according to its societal vision: "All Migrants", and according to its experience on a daily basis, at the threshold and within the House Josefa.

Vision: "All migrants" according to a comprehensive (physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual) approach for each one of us, for each of our individual uniqueness, focusing on the cultural and convictional dimensions attached to our migrations.

Mission: Since mid-2015, the House Josefa has been at the service of a conversion of our look on our migrations. In it, in Brussels, there are about thirty co-residents, migrants from the world, and multiple proposals: social, cultural and convictional, open to all.

Here is the invitation of the House Josefa, the face of the Foundation, which opens its doors, freeing itself from pre-defined migratory itineraries, but without denying the memory of our origins or our traditions, however diverse they may be.

For Josefa, the time has come to convert our perspective on our migrations: it is our responsibility today and for future generations.