JOSEFA is ten years old - MI GRA TIONS

10 years of steps, detours, contours, flights, struggles, fights.

10 years of joys, challenges, sorrows, misunderstandings, amazement.

10 years of almost nothing, of already there, of not yet, of beyond.

Stories, bodies, minds, intertwined; unveiling.

10 years: meetings, exchanges; absences, presences.

Constructions, together, migrant.

A foundation, a house, a mill.

An academia,

Times, philosophical, theological, political.

Thousands: faces met, looks shared.

10 years! A childhood with multiple drawings.

Building our migrations differently.

Like a new time that is coming and going.

What to say, what to think; what memories will we have.

One day, in 10 years, migrant(s) together.

Interiorities, noises, silences. Inside, outside.

Far away, distant, borders, discrimination.

A Josefa house with audible paths on its walls.

In its threshold, in its heart.

Migrations, conversions.

To each his own path, living; being or existing: becoming.

Unicities, multiplicities, from island to island, from world to world: living.

Residents, visitors, passers-by, all of us.

Migrating, writing, sculpting some other veils

Drifting, disturbing.

Together, in the present and the future.

10 years, a drop in the fields of time

To sow, to fertilize our songs.

10 years in the course

During which Josefa unfolds, lives, dances, opens up

Thanks to all of us, migrant...

Together, migrant.

Other, others.

Thank you, Josefa.