Recognized as a Charity Foundation by royal decree on 15 June 2012, the Josefa Foundation invites us to change our views on the phenomenon of migration.

The basic intuition of the Josefa Foundation is that, by nature, as human beings, we are all of us migrants and that every migration is unique. Our migrations are at the heart of our human condition; they make our human History.

Josefa thus proposes a renewed path towards the migratory phenomena, their description or perception, according to its vision and according to its daily experience within the Josefa House in Brussels.

Vision: "All migrants" in a comprehensive (physical, psycho-intellectual and spiritual) approach and in respect for each other's uniqueness.

Mission: The Josefa House is at the service of a conversion of our migrations. In it, there are about thirty co-residents, migrants, and multiple social, cultural and convictional proposals.

If you are interested in the Josefa proposal, do not hesitate to make yourself known so that we can organize a meeting:

josefa Tous Migrants

The Academia Josefa blog has been set up as a means of communication for the Josefa Foundation.

The challenge is to sustainably integrate the Josefa vision into the "political" sphere, based on various fields: human sciences, economics-politics, philosophy-theology and arts-culture.

As a reminder, Josefa has a fundamental intuition that, by nature, as human beings, we are "all migrants" and that hospitality in reciprocity opens a new way for our migrations. Our migrations are at the heart of our human condition, at the heart of our human history. In a break with traditional patterns, Josefa dares to engage, question and propose a new way to face the challenges of migration, according to its societal vision: "All Migrants", and according to its daily experience in the Josefa House.

To carry out this new mission that lets Josefa's voice resonate, we invite bloggers to join the Josefa adventure. They are free to share, in their own language, their viewpoints and their personal experiences with migration: "All of us migrants; what about me?".

Depending on their field of expertise, their contribution should make the reader want to renew his or her perception of the phenomenon of migration and, at the very least, to foster a dialogue with the bloggers, with Josefa.

If you are also personally touched by the uniqueness of Josefa and would like to have the opportunity to share your resources and contribute to a new approach on migration that is sensitive and creative, contact us at your earliest convenience: 

The Academia Josefa Blog is an initiative of the Josefa Foundation. For its governance, it refers to the orientations of the board of directors of the Josefa Foundation and to the decisions of its own editorial board.

The editorial board provides for the operational guidance of the Academia Josefa blog and validates the choice of authors and their pieces. It focuses on a careful distribution of texts and other media as proposed by the authors.

The editorial board is composed of:

Claire Russon, volunteer at the Josefa Foundation, cultural pillar.

Gilbert Granjon, founder of the Josefa Foundation.
Matthias Varga, volunteer at the Josefa Foundation, communication pillar.

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